We believe all youth and families have the potential and ability to thrive.

About our Coalition

A coalition is a gathering of people united in solving an issue.

We are a gathering of people who work to make Clatsop County a healthier and safer place for young people and families. We work to improve the systems, policies, institutions, and norms that influence substance abuse.

We are parents, leaders, helpers, and neighbors. We are united in creating a more vibrant community.

Why Prevention Works

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Upstream prevention

We know that if we want to stop substance abuse, we need to start early before problems begin to present themselves. That's why we focus our work on youth and the strengths of our community.

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The frog or the pond?

If a frog gets sick from a virus in a pond, we can remove the frog and nurse it back to health. However, if we return the frog to the pond, he'll grow ill again.

In order to create lasting population-level change, we focus on environmental strategies that address the "pond" or community where substance abuse is happening. 

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Building community

We aim to foster a community where youth and families thrive. In order to create this community-level change, we know it takes a village. That's why increasing collaborations is at the heart of our mission.

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