Since 2009, Prevention Works has been working with local partners to prevent substance abuse.

Formally formed in 2009, with roots back in the early 2000's, North Coast Prevention Works has had a long history of engagement and mobilization on substance abuse prevention. Our journey started with two organizations: Take the Time, Make the Difference and Reduce Underage Drinking Taskforce (RUDTF).


Take the Time, Make the Difference

Take the Time, Make the Difference focused on positive youth development through initiatives like the 40 Developmental Assets, Communities that Care, Youth Recognition Awards, Project Northland, and volunteers to build Tapiola Park.


Reduce Underage Drinking Taskforce (RUDTF)

RUDTF focused on collaborations with law enforcement to implement party dispersal, minor decoy, reward & reminder, teach-ins, Red Ribbon Week, retailer/hotel education, bottle tagging, youth-created PSAs, breathalyzers for Astoria Police Department, and various grants.


Coming Together for Greater Change

Over time these two collaborations became the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, which was later renamed North Coast Prevention Works. The coalition has a strong history of focusing on youth and advocacy, including National Prevention Week proclamations signed by the County Commissioners.

Thanks to Prevention Works, Clatsop County was the first county in Oregon to implement RX Take Back Days, which later lead to installing permanent drop boxes at all police departments and hospitals in the county.

Prevention Works has also brought a wide variety of trainings and events to the county including Town Halls, World Cafés, Tall Cop Says Stop, presentations by Eric Martin, education on marijuana laws and health impacts, tabling at Safety Fairs, and more.